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er for everyone to get their flu shot. get yours at walgreens and take care clinics today. walgreens. there's a way to stay well. [ female announcer ] only roc® retinol correxion deep wrinkle night cream is clinically proven to give 10 years back to the look of skin. diminishing the look of even deep wrinkles. 10 years? i'll take that! [ female announcer ] roc® we keep our promises. right now on msnbc saturday, free for now. lindsay lohan released if a los angeles jail cell. a live report on what's next for that troubled starlet. jail cell, i mean. bomb scare. a plane forced to make an emergency landing in sweden. on the run. bank robbers pull off a dramatic heist and they get away. sounds a lot like a movie plot, but this crime is very real. good morning, everyone. i'm alex witt.
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welcome to msnbc saturday. a judge sentenced her to 30 days in jail for failing a drug test, but lindsay lohan is a free woman this morning. the 24-year-old was released from jail overnight. kristen welker is in hollywood outside of lohan's home. why was lohan let out so soon. that wasn't the case when we all were leaving for work yesterday. >> reporter: that's certainly true, alex. lindsay lohan was let out early because a superior court judge overturned a ruling passed down earlier in the day by a judge in beverly hills. i want to give you a chronology of what happened. first thing yesterday morning lindsay lohan appeared in court on a bench water hearing because she had violated her probation by testing positive for drugs just weeks after she had been released from rehab. well, the judge in that hearing, judge eldin fox, essentially remanded her to court custody, sent her to jail for 30 days without bail. he was basically holding her there until her actual probation
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violation hearing which is set for october 22nd. lindsay lohan's attorneys appealed that decision and a superior court judge agreed with her attorney saying that because she's only facing misdemeanor charges, she is eligible for bail. so lindsay lohan posted bail late last night, 300,000 bail. was released. she arrived back here at her west hollywood home at 12:30 this morning. we haven't seen much activity since then. but her legal troubles are far from finished. she'll be back in court, as i said, for that actual probation violation hearing on october 22nd. during that hearing, judge eldon fox could send her back to jail or rehab. we'll see what happens. >> so in the interim between now and october 22nd, can she go anywhere she wants, do whatever she wants and wait for that judge hearing or is she under restrictions? >> reporter: good question, alex. she's under very tight restrictions. she has to wear an alcohol monitoring bracelet.
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we've seen her wear that before. she is not allowed to consume any controlled substances. she's not allowed to go to any location where they are selling controlled substances, like alcohol. she will also, of course, be subject to random tests. so they are going to be watching her very closely during this next month, and again, she has to face a judge for her actual probation violation. that's going to take place in a month or so. so it will be a very interesting month here in hollywood. >> indeed. kristen welker, thanks so much. the fbi and miami police departments are still scouring that city for three robbers who turned an overnight kidnapping into a 25-minute big-time bank heist. the suspects kidnapped the teller just after midnight. they trap strached him to a device containing bombmaking materials then made quick work in the branch of america branch -- rather bank of america branch. developing in europe.
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a pakistan-pound passenger plane has made an emergency landing in sweden because of a bomb threat. they took a canadian citizen into custody after passengers were removed from the plane. he's of pakistani origin and is being detained for questioning. authorities say they received a tip that a passenger was carrying explosives. police are current searching that aircraft. american hiker s er sara sh is offering her thanks to after a grueling 14-month wait, most of that spent inside an iranian prison, shourd and her mother spoke with ahmadinejad friday hoping to convince the iranian leader who release her fiance and close friend. >> it's a good feeling for me to be able to tell him my story directly. i'm hopeful for this and hoping it will make a difference. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> we know that not a lot of
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details have come about this meeting. they're talking very graciously and thankfully for the president giving them his time. what do we know? >> a very last-minute meeting. president ahmadinejad was giving a press conference yesterday, leaving shortly to go back to iran. we don't know if sara shourd showed up at his airport or if they arranged it. it balanced his comments after 9/11. made him look more human. she had kind words to say about him. he got what he wanted out of it. he appeared to a certain demographic looking very hardline, then looked quite soft with sara shourd. >> what does he take back from that experience relative to sara shourd when he goes back to iran? does he take back an appeal and have the power to impose what he wants on the judges, the judicial council there in iran to release these two? >> when sara shourd was eventually freed in iran, it
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showed he didn't have the entire power to do that. he intervened. the president's office said that he intervened to get her released. then the judiciary squashed that. said she's not living. she has to pay $500,000 bail, which made it very embarrassing for him. >> why are these two men in jail? because as sara has been speaking and the truth comes out as to what was actually happening. three hikers straddling an unmarked border between iran and iraq, and they just got stuck on the wrong side? >> well, the iranians say they have compelling evidence to show that they were spies. they haven't shown any of that evidence. the three haven't gone to court yesterday. but the chief judge in iran said they'll be facing trial in the next couple of months. he mentioned this as soon as sara shourd had left iran. he expects shourd to come back and face trial because she is on bail. we'll see what evidence they'll come up with. otherwise, they may be used as political pawns. >> how concerned are you and other observers of the situation
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for josh fattal and shane bauer. the united states doesn't traditionally bargain with countries like this trying to use bargaining chips to get them released. >> they've made it clear they're not going to trade any prisoners or anything like that. the future looks a little ominous for them. it's been a long time in very, very hard conditions. when we were back in iran in may, they gave a press conference for the three of them. >> i remember that. >> and they looked tired. i mean, a year at that point in an irrain yan jail had taken a emotional and physical toll on them. they feel one third free that sara has been released, but it has to be tough being left behind there. >> ali arazi, thanks so much. a rising tea party star falling behind in the polls. christine o'donnell is trailing chris coons.
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in the newest cnn/time opinion research poll. i'm joined now live by deputy clinical director mark murray. good morning again. >> good morning, alex. >> why isn't christine o'donnell's message resounding with voters? >> i don't think it has anything to do with her message. just the nature of the state of delaware, which is a liberal leading state. a state that barack obama won with 62% of the vote in 2008 and also when christine o'donnell was on the senate ballot in '08 running against joe biden, she only got 35% of the vote. when you look at the man like mike castle who had been a longtime member of congress as a republican and a former governor of that state as a republican, that same poll shows him potentially beating the democrat chris coons by 18 points. it is more about her conservative positions more than
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necessarily the message. this is just all about having the right republican running in the right state. and it's why we heard republicans like karl rove and others say that christine o'donnell was less electable than mike castle was in this race. >> what about bill maher's role this all this? he revealed this clip from when she used to appear on his show "politically incorrect." the one he's already revealed where she talks about dabbling in witchcraft. this one she calls evolution a myth. what is this doing to her image? >> it's not great for message control. she's announced that she's no longer chatting with national reporters any more. but certainly come monday, this could be yet another political story much like the dabbling in witchcraft story was last week. but also the one thing that could potentially help her here is that it could make people a little bit more sympathetic towards her if there's a sense that the media -- if democrats are piling on her on these types of issues, she could get a little bit of a bump. but certainly when you're trying
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to make yourself the most electable candidate, you're trying to have the issues on your own terms. you don't want every friday night bill maher to release a videotape that could be perceived as odd or a little bit crazy. >> how do you see this race playing out overall? is it going to get more contentious in the next, what, four plus weeks? or you think because she is not talking with the national media things will calm down on the christine o'donnell front? >> it depends on what comes out. if we continue to see polls that show chris coons with a 15-point plus lead it might get off the national radar where we'll be focusing on races that are a little bit tighter. but she's become a national story now for almost two weeks, and if there are more revelations out there, more interesting pieces of news, a debate between the two candidates, that certainly would draw national attention. >> yeah, well, it certainly would. we know you'd bring it to us. high winds caused major
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power outages in parts of alaska. anchorage reported wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour. downed power lines leave ten people without electricity. bill karins has the complete weather forecast for you. good morning, bill. >> good saturday morning to you, alex. time to talk about the tropics. we had tropical storm matthew move on shore yesterday in nicaragua and honduras. how bringing heavy rains to belize and into mexico. there were concerns that this system may be headed up near cuba and florida late next week. it keeps as a tropical storm until sunday. then the system really slows down over mexico, just south of the bay of campeche. it should dissipate as we go through the beginning of next week. there is a chance for a new system to develop really close to matthew, the middle of next week.
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that one could head up to florida by next weekend. as of now there's a lot of ifs in that forecast. if i live in the southeast, i'd pay attention to the forecast, but i won't be too concerned about anything in the tropics right now. here's the forecast for your saturday. one more warm summer day all the way from boston down to miami. temperatures in the upper 80s. some areas near record highs. that will be a big change on sunday as the temperatures come crashing down. look at that cool air around chicago, minneapolis. rain from kansas city to dallas. out west, what a hot weekend it will be. l.a. near 95. san francisco's going to see some of the warmest temperatures its seen all year long. look at phoenix. 106 on sunday. the heat builds out west while the east will finally cool off. it will get soggy by sunday and monday. >> thanks so much. political division leads to political fisticuffs. we'll show you what went down at a debate of candidates. plus substitute teacher, college kids getting the best education money can buy.
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there's no question tax cuts are an economic issue, but politics are never far off. house speaker nancy pelosi says she may push ahead with the vote on the bush era tax cuts even though the senate has decided to delay. >> a guarantee that we will have a tax cut for the middle class. the members overwhelmingly support that. there isn't a person in our caucus that isn't for tax cuts in the middle class. it's about the policy and we're all very strong on that and members with a vote or without a vote can go home and talk about their commitment to that.
10:17 am
>> let's bring in pat buchanan, republican strategist as well as democratic strategist karen finney. hello, you two, good morning. >> good morning. >> i'm going to do a ladies first thing here because i'm curious why are the senate democrats reluctant to hold a vote on tax cuts before the midterms? >> oh, that is the question. unfortunately, this shows the role that election year politics are playing in policy. there are some democrats who are in some of the tougher districts who are afraid of being cast as raising taxes rather than being on offense and talk about the contrast between what democrats want to do, which is lower taxes for the middle class and not hold that hostage to the full extension of the bush tax cuts. so that's really the debate that's playing out. obviously, in the senate they've said they're not going forward with that before the election. nancy pelosi, who is one of the few people in congress who is able to get just about everything done that she's been asked to do is still holding out hope that she can get that vote.
10:18 am
>> would republicans be willing to oppose a middle class tax cut because it doesn't apply to the nation's highest earners? and what would that say to voters? >> i think that everybody knows that the republican caucus is solidly behind the middle class tax cuts as the democratic caucus is, but what the republicans are saying is raising taxes now on the upper brackets, it's a horrible mistake in the bottom of a recession. no economist really recommends that. peter orszag who is the budget director is opposed to that. he was obama's budget director. here's why harry reid won't hold the vote. one of two reasons. a, he's going to lose the vote or, b, he's fearful if he wins the vote, it will be a catastrophe for his party and that's why he's not holding the vote. >> peter orszag coming out and saying that he's kind of persona non grata in the white house. >> a little bit. but you know, here's the thing, though. i agree with -- unfortunately, i
10:19 am
do wish that the democrats would have stood up and taken this vote because i think there's a very strong contrast to be made. the middle class tax cuts is the one area, as the president outlined several weeks ago, where there is broad agreement. so why not move forward on the areas where there's agreement rather than holding it hostage to tax cuts for millionaires where they can't spend the money fast enough. these are folks that already have quite a bit of money, there's no reason they can't be spending it. >> alex, let me answer that. the question on these when you raise taxes on people making over $200,000 if they're individuals, $250,000 for a family is -- the question is who can more wisely and better spend the money that they earn? somebody like donald trump and warren buffett or nancy pelosi and harry reid? and americans by and large feel don't give to it the president. invest it in people spending. >> we're not talking about donald trump. we're talking about is donald
10:20 am
trump really going to spend more money -- or less money just because he gets a tax break on another, you know, million, trillion, or how about a middle class american who actually might be able to pay for college, pay their mortgage where they don't lose their home? i mean, that's the comparison there, pat. >> we're both in favor of the middle class tax cut. >> then why don't we do that part? >> who will more wisely invest the capital to make money in the economy? the people who earn that -- >> you say rich people are a wiser investment than the middle class. that's what it sounds like you're saying. >> what i'm saying is rather than give the money to government, which has failed with the stimulus, as everybody knows, leave it with the people who can rescue this economy. even obama's now saying give them some tax cuts to small business. >> right. >> if he'd done that earlier, we'd be in better shape. >> if the republicans hadn't blocked it earlier, we would have done it earlier. >> you had $800 million and then you blew it.
10:21 am
>> i've been told i have to rwrp this up. my job was easy there. all right, you guys. see you next hour. we'll talk about christine o'donnell, party fave. lots to talk about there. a programming note on monday. matt lauer sits down for a live interview with president obama. nbc's look at the state of education in america. it will also air live on msnbc for a full half hour. and you can also submit questions for the president at lady liberty has been jilted at an auction in new york city. a copper cast of the tip of her nose was up for sale friday and it went unsold. the cast was expected to fetch $200,000. one of four made during the restoration during the 1980s. but no sale yesterday. [ female announcer ] any hair shines in the spotlight. aveeno hair shines in real life. new aveeno nourish plus shine with active naturals wheat
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we're starting to see the halloween stores pop up in neighborhoods and owners are hoping for a profitable holiday. americans are ready to spend more on halloween than last year, an estimated $5.8 billion. the money's mostly being spent, of course, on the costumes for the kids, the adults and the big surge in costumes for pets apparently. heads up on that. meantime, parents, you've had the phone call. mom, dad, i have no idea how to fix my car, wash my clothes. well, going be a to college is more than just the knowledge gained inside the classrooms. what are kids having the most problems with while at the dorms? heather is the weblife editor for yahoo! this is a fun segment. good morning. >> good morning. >> some of the questions on the site that really spiked during the first month of school are what? i think like clothing and laundry. >> we think there are a lot of freshmen walking around with pink socks and underwear right now because the top search query
10:26 am
among 18 to 22-year-olds is how to do laundry. in fact, that's up 10% just this week. >> well then that's good. that means they probably mixed the colors and thus the pink socks. what about coping with stress? you say making long distance relationships work, too. >> yeah, that's a real big one right now. searches for tips on how to make long distance relationships work up 40% just this week. we're seeing also how to change your oil. that's off the chart right now. and also, i keep -- this really shocked me. but how to cook spaghetti. >> really? >> 600% over the last month on yahoo! >> into college. >> it's kind of funny. and also how to boil an egg. that was another one that was really popular right now. >> i think they're just playing with you at this point. >> i'll tell you something, this is something very interesting. in general one of the top search groups for any age group is how to boil an egg. maybe because there's a right
10:27 am
way to do it. >> maybe the specifics. that could be. college freshmen are really hitting the web. you find is that a trend that instead of looking amongst themselves, talking, calling parents, they can just it will the web? >> i think the web really permeates so many aspects of our lives. frankly, if you have sort of an embarrassing question like how to cook spaghetti, it is easier to search it online and to type it in rather than making that phone call to mom. i totally ruined any sheets. they turned gray because i threw in my blue socks. it is better to search it and find out for yourself. people feel maybe a little bit less self-conscious doing that. >> but overall the questions you're getting, you would say that these college kids out there, they're doing all right. asking mundane, nothing too dramatic. >> in terms of how to, no. but the fact that they're asking how to cope with stress, that's up 189% this week. i think being away from home for first time can be really tough for a lot of kids and the workload as well. that's a sign that maybe parents
10:28 am
need to check in, too. >> a very interesting thing for us to check into. good to see you. a royal mess. new fallout after one of the world's richest women applied for a government poverty fund. no kidding. there's some explaining to do. h] [ female announcer ] no matter how rough your period is, the super-fast absorbency of always ultra helps keep you in the saddle. in fact, no other ultra absorbs faster. and that's no bull. always. ♪ when it's planes in the sky ♪ ♪ for a chain of supply, that's logistics ♪ ♪ when the parts for the line ♪ ♪ come precisely on time ♪ that's logistics ♪ ♪ a continuous link, that is always in sync ♪ ♪ that's logistics ♪ ♪ there will be no more stress ♪ ♪ cause you've called ups, that's logistics ♪
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...six years ago. [ wind howling ] nissan. innovation for safety. innovation for all. after 12 hours behind bars, lindsay lohan is out of jail tlm. the 24-year-old was released overnight on $300,000 bail. yesterday a judge sentenced lohan to 30 days after she failed a drug test. earlier, i talked to nbc news chief legal analyst dan abrams and i asked him if the troubled actress is getting preferential treatment. >> most people don't want to hear this, but no, she's not. and here's why. because in this most recent incident -- this is a probation violation, right? so the question is going to be, what should be the sentence for that probation violation? that's still to be determined. on october 22nd they're going to
10:32 am
decide what should that punishment be. my guess is it will be a 30-day sentence. in the meantime, the question is what do you do with her? and the first judge said we'll hold her without bail. this is a misdemeanor probation violation. in the state of california you don't hold people without bail on a misdemeanor probation violation. so if she had been held and not released, that would have been the preferential treatment in the reverse way that most people think about. >> so you're saying that if anybody here, you, me, anyone here in the studio, if we flrp the same situation, we would not be going to jail. >> no question we'd not be going to jail, correct. on the probation violation. meaning, that again, they wouldn't be going to jail today. i'm not saying that october 22nd she won't end up serving time. i'm saying that the purpose of bail is to make sure someone shows up. right? the point is saying, look,
10:33 am
you're going to put in this amount of money. why are you doing that? not so we can have your money. it's so that we can make sure you show up on october 22nd. and there's nothing to indicate she's not going to show up on october 22nd and deal with whatever sentence she gets. >> she has to wear an ankle bracelet allowing authorities to track her. she's also required to stay away from any place that primarily sells alcohol. if you have expired or unused prescription drugs in your home, today is a day that you can get rid of them. the nation's drug enforcement agency is asking people to drop off drugs at more than 4,000 location today. part of the national take-back initiative which is aimed at fighting prescription drug abuse. pete williams has more. >> reporter: the advice used to be flush those old pills down the drain, but it turns out that contaminates the water supply and if they're simply thrown away they can be retrieved from the garbage. so now the nation's drug agents say, give them to us and we'll
10:34 am
destroy them. in arlington, virginia, a washington, d.c., suburb, police and federal drug agents prepare to arrest the suspected dealer. >> i have him in sight. >> reporter: an undercover drug agent will make the buy in an area known as a source for illegal drug. but the suspect wasn't dealing cocaine or heroin. he was arrested for selling oxycodone. one of the nation's most widely prescribed pain killers. abuse of that drug and others like it has risen 400% in the past decade becoming the nation's fastest growing drug problem. >> we're in a residential community where the school right across the street from where we're at. and here it's an individual selling prescription pills on the street. >> reporter: the dea says prescriptions now rank behind only marijuana among drugs taken to get high. and they're involved in the majority of the more than 26,000 overdose deaths a year. it was a pill from a medicine
10:35 am
cabinet that killed 18-year-old timmy strain of pennsylvania. after a doctor prescribed pain medicine when he burned his hands in an accident, he was still hurting. his girlfriend's mother offered him a pain killer she was taking. that combination turned out to be disastrous. >> we took him to the hospital. and a parent's worst nightmare. they said timmy was dead. >> reporter: now his parents are urging people nationwide to get rid of their unused and outdated supplies of pills. >> it might not be your child, you know. it might be one of your child's friends coming in to your house asking to use the bathroom, rifling through your medicine cabinet. because that has happened. >> if you have unneeded or expired medications -- >> reporter: when the drug enforcement medications urged people to pitch their pills last year in new jersey, the results were astonishing. in a single day more than 9,000
10:36 am
pounds of prescription drugs turned in. that's more than 3.5 million pills. so today the drug enforcement administration is taking the program nationwide with more than 3,000 drop-off points. you can find them on the web at and the pills will be destroyed so they can't do any harm. back to you. >> pete william, thanks for that. the fbi says it's searched eight locations in minneapolis and chicago as part of a terrorism investigation. that's one of the headlines we're following for you this hour. agents are looking for connections between local anti-war activists and terrorist groups in the mideast and column bee yap. a soyuz capsule carrying astronauts has landed safely in kazakhstan. it was delayed by a day because of technical glitches. nadya suleman holding an auction. among those up for sale, her nursing bra and a bikini she
10:37 am
wore on the cover of tabloid magazines. she gave birth to octuplets in 2009 and she has 14 children all under one roof. she has to sell her stuff to support her family. the royal family is taking some heat this morning. aids to clean lz lz tqueen elizo get funds to pay a heating bill. but it's where they're looking for those funds that's causing the controversy. can you sort this out for us? what's the problem? >> well, the queen has always had a bit of a reputation for being frugal, but in her defense, we are talking about really big utility bills. about $1.5 million a year. times are hard at the moment. we're fresh out of a recession and it seems even the queen is counting the royal pennies. according to documents unearthed by a british newspaper, someone at buckingham palace wrote to the government to ask for their share of a special fund which
10:38 am
was really designed for people on no incomes. the money had been set aside to upgrade rickety old heating systems to make them more energy efficient. and no doubt buckingham palace and windy castle fit that bill. the trouble is the queen is generally considered to be way above the poverty line. a spokeswoman for buckingham palace has said that royal aides didn't know the money was earmarked for the poor when they wrote the letters and they were just trying to save the taxpayer money by improving energy efficiency. as you can imagine, this has got to be hugely embarrassing for the queen and the royal household. she's among the wealthiest people in britain, not actual the richest. even j.k. rowling has more money than her royal highness these days but she's certainly in the top 200. there must be a few red faces this weekend. >> how about red faces of fuhr free the taxpayers? are people upset about this? >> well, you would think they would be because already the taxpayer funds the royal
10:39 am
household to the tune of $60 million a year. to ask for an extra grant to upgrade the heating probably seems a little bit rich. however, having said that, i think that most people do realize that this does seem to have been a genuine mistake and maybe even a few people around who agree that buckingham palace is a pretty drafty old place and maybe the heating system could do with an upgrade. >> thank you for the update from london. money never sleeps. the equell to the 1980's hit "wall street" is back this weekend. the themes are never too far from reality. for millions of americans still struggling with the recession, "money never sleeps" will hit particularly close to home. >> and the way you keep buying and raising insurance swaps lately, i got to worry about my grandchildren's college
10:40 am
education. >> you'll like insurance. >> what's not to like, easy selling crack to kids. >> it's the execution that isn't. >> well, you know what they say. bulls make money, bears make money. pigs, they get slaughtered. >> the chief business correspondent for "u.s. news & world report" and he's putting on his -- what are you a movie critic today? >> sure. >> your latest article about the film. and you say this might rehabilitate wall street because you think this is pretty close to the truth. >> wall street's image probably can't get any worse. gof gordon gekko says in this film, taking on all the things that went wrong with the financial system and so forth. we've got this battle between good and evil on wall street. it is not exactly harry potter
10:41 am
versus voees voldemort. >> do you think that's based on something truthful? >> there are thousands of people who work on wall street. and many are just working hard to support their families. this has obviously gotten lost in the shuffle. he's sort of going through a coming of age experience in this movie. he thinks that gordon gekko has redeeming characteristics. he's just gotten out of prison, written a book explaining his experiences. and he's sort of wide eyed by this guy that comes across as this wise old man of wall street. he goes through an education. he realizes that's not exactly the case. >> what does this say about wall street and its image? anything to improve it or not? >> i think it will improve wall street's image over time is no more catastrophes like we've just had. let's see people's own prosperity start to come back. and you know, this film does a nice job in a very succinct and
10:42 am
entertaining way of dramatizing what happened in the financial crisis. i think it actually slows down the film a little bit. we saw in that clip, discussions about ceos and credit default swaps isn't exactly great theater. >> thumbs up, sideways, down? >> i think it a thumbs up. entertaining education and it ends up being a good film. >> we'll see if you change to the e! channel. >> i like this role, thanks. the gop's pledge to america. why some of the toughest criticism is coming from within that party. and wear hats. i was always the hat guy. i can't even tell you how much it's changed my life. [ male announcer ] only rogaine is proven to regrow hair in 85% of guys. no more hats. [ male announcer ] stop losing. start gaining.
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[ female announcer ] only roc® retinol correxion deep wrinkle night cream is clinically proven to give 10 years back to the look of skin. diminishing the look of even deep wrinkles. 10 years? i'll take that! [ female announcer ] roc® we keep our promises. nbc is kicking off a nationally broadcast in depth conversation about improving education in america. during an interactive summit on rockefeller plaza, parents, teachers and students will come together with leaders in politics and business to discuss the challenges and opportunities in education today. it officially starts tomorrow with teacher town hall hosted by
10:46 am
brian williams live here on msnbc from noon to 2:00 p.m. eastern time. we're going to give you a sneak peek out on the plaza. plus we'll give you a check on our website and you can see where your school ranks nationally and within your state. you can take a quiz with your child about learning. it's all there for you at tough feedback today for the gop's pledge to america. and some of the biggest critics are fellow republicans. conservative activists say party leaders missed an opportunity to get serious on spending. now some democrats actually seem happy to see a specific agenda to tear into. hello to you. >> good to see you. >> this pledge was aimed at winning over the tea party overall, but the activists say the whole thing came off as being too limited, overlooked some of the issues, earmarks, the balanced budget, those things very important to the tea partiers. does that suggest that
10:47 am
conservatives will not stand for anything less than a complete change to politics as usual? >> i think you probably will hear some points next year about conservatives want the republican party to be more conservative than it currently is. the document -- there was a big debate among republicans whether they should put out any kind of pledge or not. some republicans said we should always just talk about obama and the democrats and attack them. and some republicans are wanting to be very specific and say we'll change social security and get rid of earmarks and be detailed. what they tried to do was split the difference. they have some ideas but they're not really detailed ideas. that's where the criticism has come from. >> what about the republicans who are pushing to try to repeal the president's health care law? some of these key provisions just went into effect this week. could this issue, health care, now be front and center in the spotlight? >> i mean, it already has been. if you look an the campaign trail, democrats are not talking about health care at all and the republicans are on the campaign trail talking about the repeal
10:48 am
already. the republicans argue and the polls suggest this, voters are not excited about the health care bill. and therefore republicans are pretty safe in attacking it and criticizing it at this point. >> you heard the president who pretty much described the republican plan as a, quote, echo of a disastrous decade we can't afford to relive. does it give them ammunition ahead of the midterms? >> it does. because it has a lot of -- a lot of the ideas in this document were things proposed by, discussed by president bush in his tenure. i think you'll hear president obama and democrats focus on that aspect of it and argue as they have been arguing that the republicans want to return to the bush administration policies. so there is an argument there. the republicans seem to think that this document is vague enough and voters are angry enough that they won't care about how much it looks like bush's agenda. >> well, that's democrats and the president focusing on republicans, but even the
10:49 am
blogger eric erickson is blasting the plan. he describes it on red saying it's a series of compromises and milquetoast rhetorical flourishes. the house gop does not have the fortune to lead boldly in opposition to barack obama. is this focusing on a larger divide between the republicans and conservative activists? >> yes. yes, there is some -- there's a divide between people like eric erickson and the party because he wants to see more details about the document. most people tea party activists and republicans in general are just so angry at obama and the democrats it doesn't matter what the republicans say, they're going to vote republican anyway. this is where they're headed right now. it's not a very meaningful divide among the republicans in this particular document. >> perry bacon jr., good to see you. >> thank you. the senate race in nevada is getting ugly. we're not just talking about the war of wards between majority leader harry reid and sharon angle. it was a silver state showdown.
10:50 am
one person backing ms. angle had a support of reid. it came to blows. the skirmish all took place at a christian school. senator reid avoided the skirmish as he had questions for the audience. ogy on all new cars and trucks. at nissan, we think this is a good idea. so we did it... ...six years ago. [ wind howling ] nissan. innovation for safety. innovation for all. with the most customized piece of furniture you will ever own. get that one piece right and the rest of the room will just fall into place. see your ethan allen design center for two beautiful ways to save. thanks. i got the idea from general mills big g cereals.
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they say birds of a feather flock together, but this is just ridiculous. two bald eagles were literally locked in battle. neither one willing to let go. wildlife officials were called in to separate them. it took ten minutes and three people to pull those birds apart. a procedure made dangerous because their sharp talons. the eagles were released on separate ends of the field. where they flew away. we hope they didn't meet up later. mark zuckerberg is hoping to make a status update for schools in new jersey. he's donating a whopping $100 million in facebook stock as
10:54 am
part of his new start-up foundation. he announced the donation on oprah. >> i've committed to starting the start-up education foundation whose first project will be a $100 million challenge grant. >> $100 million. >> that's a staggering sum of money. joining me now reporter for the "star ledger." good morning to you. >> good morning, alex. >> this guy now joins the ranks of major league philanthropists. bill gates, warren buffett come to mind. 26 years old. there are a lot of these guys who have come up the ranks and making a lot of money at young ages. can he inspire others to donate big time? >> that's the hope. he had thought that he would do this anonymously. and oprah and the governor and mayor of newark were all insistent he do this publicly as an example for others. >> what is it about him that wanted to remain anonymous? i will say just watching him, he
10:55 am
doesn't look supercomfortable in front of the camera. >> he doesn't. he's very, very shy. he's doing a press conference today in newark which is actually unusual for him. but we ran into him yesterday outside the facebook offices. and he literally looked straight ahead and kept walking. he does not -- he's not a press guy. >> no. not at all really. >> but the idea of being -- and because he's coming forward, are there others going to feel the pressure to start donating? the big time billionaire kids out there? >> i don't know about the kids. but in the paper this morning names have come out. these are more normal names in the land of philanthropy. ray chambers from newark, bill gates from microsoft. i've gotten on board with zuckerberg because hiss grant is not only $100 million. but its a challenge grant. he's looking to raise another hundred over his. >> as you know, there are a lot of people that talked about the timing here and that it's a bit interesting because of this film, the "social network county "that comes out and talks about
10:56 am
the genesis of facebook on the harvard campus and doesn't paint the most flattering pictures. he addressed this on oprah. >> to his credit, he got a lot of laughs, a lot of smiles. he hit it right on saying, you know what? it's a movie and its ap entertainment and has nothing to do with this. >> that's wa he said. but do you think there's a legacy that will live more strongly in people's minds that he's a $100 million philanthropist or a guy who has character flaws in film. which one will win out? >> i don't think we know that yet. it remains to be seen what happens in newark. newark is a failing school district and has been failing for a lot of years and may continue to fail even with his infusion of cash. in which case the money may not do anything to help his legacy. >> it has been welcomed and heralded bigtime by cory booker and chris christie. >> who both themselves have had tough summers politically in terms of their image. they could use the uptick in the polls. >> let's hope it all ultimately plays out with the kids and does a wonderful thing for education there. i know you'll be covering it.
10:57 am
>> thanks so much, alex. a violent fistfight between two girls is posted on the internet again. you won't believe who was egging them on. my name is vonetta, and i suffer from allergies. [ male announcer ] we asked zyrtec® users what they love about their allergy relief, and what it lets them do. the thing i love most about zyrtec® is that it allows me to be outside. [ male announcer ] we bet you'll love zyrtec®, too -- or it's free. [ vonetta ] it is countdown to marshmallow time. [ woman laughs ] so, you want me to be super amazing right from the faucet, but you think home filters can be a pain in the tucus. well check this out... boo-yah! shazam! h2...o! hydrolicious! look what i can do! magic bananas! adios contaminos! introducing the first faucet filter that installs with just one click and removes 99% of lead and microbial cysts. check it out at ♪
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